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Young Honey Trap Maid

Young Honey Trap Maid
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Young Honey Trap Maid

Your wife hired young Lizzy Lamb 2 catch u as a creep and a cheater. As far as u know, she is just some sexy 19 years old college girl who cleans u house. Every time she comes over 2 clean, she is wearing the shortest shorts and seems to find any excuse to wiggle her perfect young bubble butt around.

Today Lizzy confronts u about staring at her while she works. “U`re such a creep... but I will suck your cock if u promise 2 stop creeping me out and just let me to my job...”

You can’t believe this is happening. Lizzy crawls over to you, pulls your hard dick out of your pants and starts to play with it, then giggles and puts a ribbon with a slip knot around your cock and balls, and pulls it tight...

She explains, “Your wife hired me to keep an eye on u... she said if I make you cheat and tell her about it, she is going 2 cut off your balls and I can watch...”

U still have a few hours before your wife is home. U do everything Lizzy tells u 2, in hopes that she might not tell your wife... She wants 2 kick u in the balls a lot...

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Part 1: Free

wmv 960*540 246 mb 6 min

Part 2:


Lizzy still has your cock and balls tied with a ribbon. She is holding the other end while she masturbates, naked in front of u, tugging on the string while she cums.

“The thought of watching your wife destroy your balls just made me so horny, I had to take care of that...”

She knees u hard in the nuts, and leaves u, then returns 2 tell u that your wife called, and is on the way 2 Nut u. In the meantime, she wants Lizzy 2 keep u rock hard, but not let u cum. Your wife wants your balls full and blue before u watch he remove them...

Lizzy lubes up your cock, slapping your balls while she strokes 2 make sure u don’t bust. Then she gets tired of stroking, so she grinds her ass in her tight yoga pants against u. She squeezes your throbbing, pre-cum oozing, cock with her thighs, but doesn’t let u cum. Your wife will be there soon 2 Nut u...

wmv 960*540 359 mb 10 min

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