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Wrecked Nose!

Wrecked Nose!
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Nanie believes that the vicious professor didn't get enough punishment for what he did, that's why she is waiting for him, in front of his door. When he arrives, he can't believe his eyes to see once again his old student standing on the doorstep of his flat, dangling her shoe to excite him and threatening him to tell everything to his family, if he won't come with her to her house. The professor has to accept to follow the lady. Thirty minutes later, Nanie and the professor arrive to her house. Nanie tells him that he is going to take the most outrageous punishment of his life, as she wants to see how much pain a shitty man like him can endure. Nanie didn't forget the nightmare she had to live with this man during her exams, when she has to have her feet sniffed, licked and sucked by him viciously, in order to pass those exams. From that moment, she met him twice, beating him up wildly but this time, she wants to go a step further. She wants to break and to destroy his nose so he won't smell any foot anymore. To give him an idea of what he'll have to stand, she takes her teddybear and she crushes his nose like a bug, under her soles and heels...

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