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Willing 2 Do Anything Remastered

Willing 2 Do Anything Remastered
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Four new girls arrive at Cucci studios 4 a casting session one afternoon. Cucci greets the new potential models n explains that only one of them will actually get the honor of being a Cucci model today so he has only had one contract drawn up. He explains that his models are not just regular girls, they must be willing 2 show no mercy, have a strong personality with a dominant nature & most importantly be very cruel, sadistic n violent. There is no space 4 timid, shy n gentle girls here! Cucci had deliberately told them these things 2 immediately test them n 2 see there reaction. The girls are a bit surprised just how difficult is going 2 be to model 4 this famous site but out of pride try not 2 let him know it. When he asks them if they have these qualities they all reply: 'YES WE HAVE!!!' So Cucci takes off his shirt n says "U know the golden rules, if u haven't got it in u then u may leave, if u think u have... THEN PROVE IT NOW!!" Suddenly the girl's smiles disappear as it dawns on them they will have 2 actually ly assault another human being in order 2 get the contract! They look at one another as gradually the look in their eyes begins 2 change. They edge closer 2 Cucci, not saying anything but with a quite disturbing evil look about them! These girls have decided this unique opportunity 2 beat the shit out of a man n not get into trouble 4 it has suddenly become very appealing! Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, Foot Fetish, Trampling, High Heels, , Facestanding

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