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Wannabe Star Rebels

Wannabe Star Rebels
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A famous anchor man is searching for new female assistants to host his already very popular TV show. After many screen tests he invites three wannabe singers to his beautiful villa to announce they have been chosen to sing on his show. But before signing the contracts he makes it very clear that they'll have to follow his rules. First, he tells them they will have to be dressed extremely sexy in the show with extremely short mini-skirts, and extreme high heels shoes and to show off their legs to get the highest possible audience. And secondly n more important he tells them they'll have to announce during the show that they love the show and that he's the best anchor man ever and their idol. The three girls refuse to lower themselves that way to him claiming they are singers and they are there to sing and not to show off their bodies and refuse to lie during the show saying he is their favorite anchor man and their idol as he wasn't. At this point he gets very angry n asks them to leave, telling them they are just losers that won't ever have a career. The girls are furious feeling like years & years of hard work to participate in this famous TV show as a spring board for a future career as singers has been just dumped in the trash by this arrogant abuser. So they literally assault him, throwing him to the floor and start to walk on and crush his skull under their high heels. They use his bare chest as a human carpet, standing, walking, marching, stomping and even jumping on it ly with their ultra sharp heels. The poor anchor man feels like he has been hit by a train at full speed and scream with the inhuman pain he is subject to. Since he bring them to accept an absurd compromise to be in his show, now its their turn to make him accept one. One condition, he must get on his knees and humiliate himself by kissing, licking n sucking their hot sweaty feet while saying sorry for what he did to them. He agrees to worship their feet but his pride won't allow him to give any sort of apology. Big mistake! He's now going be tortured for hours and hours by those three evil girls. They decide 2 tie his hands and feet to the legs of a table so he can't escape and leave. Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, Free, Female Domination, Fetish, Ambre, Celine, Rosie, , Trampling, Jumping, Face Standing, Trample, Humiliation, Foot Fetish, , Footlicking, Foot Worship, Foot Licking, , Hand Crushing, , Shoeslicking, Shoe Worship, Kicking,

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