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Under my boots

Under my boots
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Edwige arrives home and is obviously not happy. She has had to pick up her mother from the train station because Cucci had forgot. She thinks he did it on purpose as he doesn't like her mum n she wants to get him back for it. Cucci apologizes n even gets on his knees. But Edwige is having none of it, he will pay for this! Edwige looks sexy in her spiky boots which is just as well as Cucci must worship them and before you know it has a heel down his throat! Soon her boots are clean so Edwige decides to sit down n read a magazine for a while. Well she needs a footstool and that's where Cucciolo comes in. She reads and doesn't even acknowledge his existence. She knows he's there though as he wriggles and moves around under the terrible pain of spikes digging into him and . Lets hope Edwige is enjoying this magazine as Cucci is being tortured for it! Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, Free, Female Domination, Fetish, Diane, Edwige, Boots, Femdomboot, Bootdom, Boot Domination, Boot Fetish, , Food Crushing, Boot Worship, Hand Crush, , Trampling, Facestanding, Jumping, Face Standing, Trample,

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