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Tsarina Baltic – 7 Deadly Sins Greed Findom Mesmerize

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You will be judged for your sins, your most frequent one will be your punishment in this series. Greed, a sin that is unending, one small little pleasure that doesn't stop when you tried it once, on no, you want it all to yourself, you want it more and bigger than last time, a higher and higher number after the last. Your sin, will eat you up dry, you'll feel weak oh so so weak and just like greed you will have the urge for more. You'll be trapped in my tits, a perfect view that gets bigger and bigger, closer and closer. Those tits make you the weakest, but my voice twists your brain to pay, the more you look the more you want to pay the Greediest goddess. Your cock feel an insatiable need to stroke, such a perfect tease, it locks you in a constant throb, hearing me tell you to pay makes everything tenser, the tease, the throb, the ache only grows. You end up a weak mess, with an urge to pay, an urge only satisfied by my Greed. Keep throbbing, keep aching, you'll only go deeper into paying me helplessly addicted.

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