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Trample exam

Trample exam
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Rasta is working on a very important exam when two friends arrive. They ask him if it's okay if they trample on him as they are both in a playful mood. Rasta is far too busy revising for his exams n tells them that he has not got time. The girls find a way for him to find time though! They trample all over his schoolbooks, wiping their dirty soles on them. The books are getting ruined so Rasta tries to protect them with his hands, bad idea, the girls just step all over his hands, crushing his fingers flat. It is obvious they`re enjoying this game n Rasta is in for a painful time. Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, Free, Female Domination, Fetish, Camille, Laeticia, Dual Domination, Double Domination, , Trample, Jumping, Hand Crush, Crushing, , Face Standing, Boots, Shoes, Socks, Pantyhose

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