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These boots are made for trampling

These boots are made for trampling
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Rasta hires thee actresses for a screen test, however when they arrive, horror of horrors they are wearing black boots not white as he requested! He's so angry he insists they leave their clothes and get out, however Zined has other ideas. In a rage she takes off her glasses and crushes them under her sexy boots. The other girls then do the same. Crushing glasses is not as exciting for them as crushing Rasta though. They push him on to the mattress. They`ll now give him a good reason not to like their black boots! All three girls climb on his upper body and start to move their feet in a devilish rhythm. Rasta screams in pain, but it's no use, they then climb on him at every angle, digging their heels deep into his body and standing on his face. His cries for mercy are futile as they climb on his back as if he were part of a circus act. The marks have to be seen to be believed, it looks like Rasta had just been trampled over by a load of teenage girls at a concert! If that wasn't bad enough Zined then stands on the back of his head. Not only are these boots made for trampling they are also made for cleaning. Rasta is d to lick their soles, not always straight forward when you have over 150kg parked on your chest. Soon his tongue is like sandpaper as the girls keep on demanding service from they are human boot shiner. Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, Free, Female Domination, Fetish, Angelique, Zined, Marion, , Boots, Bootdom, Femdomboot, Boot Domination, Boot Fetish, Trample, Jumping, Triple Domination, , Face Standing, Barefoot

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