TheEnglishMansion – Recruit’s Humiliation – Part 1-2

TheEnglishMansion - Recruit's Humiliation - Part 1-2

Miss Annalieza is giving the recruit some extra training n punishment to improve his lax attitude. She soon has him performing star jumps and press ups, using her boots as motivation to complete each set. She then commands him 2 do situps as she teases him with her ass as encouragement to finish, cooling him down by spitting water at his face. She then proceeds to the punishment, putting a lead around his cock n dragging him around before whipping his cock hard. His final task is be fucked, first with a cock on a pole and then with a massive black strapon that he is trained to fuck, opening his ass until he shoots cum into his own mouth, suitable humiliation for this raw recruit.

Part 3


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