The Two Sisters

foot domination

Cucci is a big liar, a cheater and a womanizer. In this period, he is having a relationship with two really gorgeous ladies. To conquer them and as always, he uses the same sweet words, he gives them the same flowers, the same mobile phone and he promises to marry them.
What Cucci ignores, is that the two beauties are sisters and, one day, while they are talking to each other about their new lover, they discover they are flirting with the same guy. Completely stunned and full of rage, the two sisters decide to pay him a visit to massacre the fuckhead…

443 mb
58 min


One thought

  1. I have bought your videos and in my opinion, they are the best femdom videos that there are on internet. I like them because they are not vulgar and they are very interesting. But I don’t like last videos you are publishing because the slave is not naked and, in my opinion, this is an important feature in femdom.
    Best regards

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