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The Student & The Professor

The Student & The Professor
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Angela is a student that gets very bad results at school... she's lazy, she doesn't give any importance 2 her studies n basically her priorities are 4 fun, 2 enjoy life n the books are secondary. Her parents are really worried & struggle 2 make her understand how important it is 4 her 2 think about the future. 2 help her they have been able 2 find her a private professor 2 improve her results n 2 understand the importance of school. Today Angela has her 1st meeting with him at his flat. The professor knows exactly her situation and he's going 2 do his very best 2 help her with her studies. He starts talking 2 her but suddenly he's interrupted by the very loud ringing of her mobile. Not the best start ever.... but what is worse is that Angela doesn't seem too aware n concerned as she starts having a long conversation on the phone with a friend talking about what they did last night, about guys... in brief some useless gossip. When finally the phone call ends the professor ass her 2 switch off the mobile 2 avoid any further interruption. The professor starts finally his job... he takes her books n asks her 2 do a few exercises 2 understand exactly her level. In the meantime Angela has started 2 lick a giant lollypop she has taken from her bag. She doesn't seems that enthusiast n instead of trying 2 resolve the exercises she starts drawing funny faces on her notebook whilst still licking that enormous lollypop, making very irritating noises at the same time. The professor doesn't really seem 2 appreciate her immature attitude n asks her 2 stop licking and 2 concentrate on what he asked her 2 do. Angela doesn't seem 2 understand good manners and a few seconds later she just lights a cigarette. Well, the professor starts 2 lose his patience now... firstly he hates the smoke & secondly he gets the impression she doesn't want 2 make any effort... this girl is much worse than what he was expecting. So, firmly he tells her 2 put out her cigarette n 2 be serious. Angela 4 the very 1st time seems 2 listen 2 what he tells her n follows his request but without a care in the world throws the cigarette directly on his floor n crushes it under her sole n heel. At this point Angela notices the beautiful n very expensive work-suitcase belonging 2 the professor n she grabs it admiring the quality of the material but claiming it must be too fragile n it could never survive her the way she threats her bag. The professor asks her 2 put it down straight away n that his work-suitcase is not just beautiful but very strong as it's 25 years he been using it and it is still in perfect condition. Angela doesn't believe him n decide herself 2 test it's strength, but her way. She puts it on the floor n clearly stands with both her high heels shoes directly on it. The professor can't believe his eyes 2 see such a lack of respect but he was right... his suitcase is very solid as it takes her full weight. Angela, who looks a little bit disappointed hasn't said her last word on the subject... she starts jumping very hard on the suitcase n the poor thing soon caves in n gets fatally dented n smashed under her weight. Now the professor has really lost any self control & slaps her legs n push her ankles n feet 2 get her off his suitcase. Angela perceive his gesture as physical aggression n crushes his hands ly under her high heels shoes, then s him 2 take off his shirt. Angela is showing what she really is... not just a normal student with some problems at school but a real pest that doesn't have any control over her actions nor have any basic good manners. Keywords: Femdom, Cucci,

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