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The Rider
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On a very cold n foggy day, while Rosie is riding her beautiful white horse, suddenly, the owner of the stable stops her to praise her horse. But the friendly conversation turns quickly into a dispute as soon as he demands insistently to mount her horse. Facing her refusal and thinking to have all the right in his stable, he attacks the girl to get her off the horse. But the gorgeous rider reacts violently by spurring her horse against him and beating him harshly with her deadly crop that goes right through his shirt and that leaves terrific marks on his skin. Petrified by the horrible pain n under the threat of her crop, he must lick every inch of her disgusting muddy boots from the tip to the spur. Then, she uses him as human step to get off her horse and she delivers a series of tremendous kicks right on his balls which cause him an agonizing pain (and we do believe him as he doesn't wear any protection!) Next, she mounts again on her horse and she humiliates him to the extreme as she orders him to lick the muddy stirrups and even to swallow the mud from her riding boots. With his pride deadly wounded, he tries to react and to return the situation, but he gets badly slapped and the girl moves away in the saddle of her horse...........



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