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The Rich Snob & the Gardener

The Rich Snob & the Gardener
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The Rich Snob n the Gardener

Cucci is a gardener for a rich local woman. Today whilst taking care of the roses once again she approaches him and as usual rudely criticizes his work. Cucci is getting tired of her complaints and for the 1st time answers her back. The rich woman who is not used to this kind of reaction demands he comes into her house to sort this problem out and insists he apologizes immediately or get fired! Cucci doesn't like having people "trampling" his rights n refuses, throwing insults at her no longer caring. What he wasn't expecting though is her violent reaction! She throws him onto the floor n starts to beat him up and trample him under her sharp sandals with rare ity. Her sudden reaction was so unexpected and without warning Cucci feels like he's been hit by a train! From now on she'll beat the shit out of him for hours and he'll be totally submissive to her like the insignificant worm he is. This rich snob feels she is superior to him and has the right to decide whether he lives or dies. That's why she'll end his gardening days by crushing him to death like a bug after hours of suffering!

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  • Author: Tiago Added July 16, 2017 at 11:20

    Than you thank you. LOve so much that clip. Years try to find it