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The Mean Girls – Beaten by Lexi Chase

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Miss Chase is sitting on her throne and whipping a slave-worshipper at her feet. She wonders what it will take to get this inferior foot-freak to stop worshiping her? Can she just beat it and verbally it until it has "had enough" and gives up? Whatta fun little experiment... But no matter what she says or does to it, the foot freak keeps kissing her perfect, petite, size 5 feet and professing its undying devotion and love for her, no matter how hard she beats it. She even verbally berates the pathetic foot-freak right to its face throughout the entire video, telling it that it literally means NOTHING to her, that she is so much better than him, and that it is lucky that she even LETS it kiss the FEET of a girl as hot as her! She can't believe that this loser just puts up with it and keeps WORSHIPING at her feet no matter what she says or does to it!! Her beauty just gives her SO much power over these stupid simps that she can literally do & say whatever she wants to them...and they will just KEEP worshiping her like the Superior Being that she is!!

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