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The Luna Lain – Giantess Husband Slave

The Luna Lain – Giantess Husband Slave
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Hi Honey. I bet you're wondering why I look bigger? you're smaller because I shrunk you as revenge for cheating. I'm not mad and we aren't getting a divorce but you will stay small but useful to my whims. Instead of my husband, you will be my cock slave. you will live in a dog cage, chaste and begging for my table scrape. If you misbehave your Goddess, you get my spit. you didn't know I was a mean bitch, but I have creative punishments. Notice the shock collar that gives electric currents if you misbehave or try to escape? Slave tasks include housecleaning with toilet cleaning. your place is beneath me for foot worship and I enjoy your aversion to foot humiliation. you will give pussy worship and oral sex when I demand. That tongue will clean my cunt and asshole after I use the bathroom. Let's practice the ass worship as I pull down my panties and start ass spreading my smelly ass. Get an extreme closeup and inhale my booty. your pussy eating technique could use improvement, but I can't wait to soak you in ass sweat and pussy juice. I have a new boyfriend and great sex. He knows about your shrinking and we laughed about you cum eating his jizz. you will slurp it up and swallow. you gave up rights to say no when you cheated on me. I'm going to make you suck his big cock and eat cum. I have the power to make you bigger or smaller so be careful that I don't turn you into a dildo or a butt plug. My girlfriends want to borrow you for slave labor. They are more sadistic than my shock collar behavior modification. Start cleaning toilets so I can mess them up.
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