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The Laughing Latina – Old Bitch Boot Cleaner

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This old wrinkly bitch has been begging our clients to session with her , She may be an old school Dominatrix , but Bitch nobody messes with my Money . I know we have to respect our elders and blah blah blah but it just feels so good to humiliate the old bitch. Look at you wearing promiscuous clothing to try to hide those old tits hahaha, get on the floor stick your tongue out and lick my boots and make them shiny old bitch. You have no choice or say in anything of this you’re lucky I don’t make you my fucking Personal slave. Worship my boots and thank me for the privilege. yes, that’s where you belong, old basic bitches have no choice but to obey young hot dominant women. Looks like I found myself a new boot cleaning Slave lol…

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