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The Human Catwalk

The Human Catwalk
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A man with experience in the field of lingerie, tries 2 be hired by Cucci which is the most renowned company of the town. To impress the two female managers, he shows them some lingerie item of his personal collection. But the two women are not impressed at all with his articles as they are very low quality compared 2 Cucci so they tell him loud n clear that he won't be hired in their prestigious company. At this point, the man, inconsolable after their decision, prays them 2 give him a chance as he claims he is willing 2 accept anything 2 work there. The two managers accept his proposal so they decide 2 employ him as a full-time servant n 2 use him as a human catwalk 4 their future lingerie fashion shows. With him they can create a new marketing strategy, 2 highlight the power of their models and the qualities of their items. Before 2 sign the contract, they want 2 test him personally. After him 2 wear a sexy bra of their collection, they start 2 create the perfect scenario they have in mind 2 highlight the feminine supremacy over men by taking some dominant picture while posing on him. Then, they test his resistance as human catwalk by walking n him hard as they sink their extremely sharp heels deeper n deeper into his flesh. Time by time, the two women tend 2 forget they are working on some working project n they start 2 enjoy their power on him n 2 become more n more violent. The very short test they had in mind initially 4 him has been transformed now in a never ending torture 4 the poor man. Among the different abuses he'll have 2 stand, the two women will jumps on him, they'll march on his private parts, they'll crush his face, they'll order him 2 lick their shoes n sexy stockings, they'll smother him by sitting on his face. After hours of abuse they are now satisfied and he is now ready 4 his new job. They order him 2 stay there while they get their lunch break n they tell him that when they'll be back he'll sign the contract. Keywords: Femdom, Boots, Cucci, , Trampling, Pantyhose, High Heels, , Shoeslicking, Facesitting,

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