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The House Painter

The House Painter
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Sassou has just moved into her new apartment and she decides 2 call a specialized company to have the walls repainted. A few weeks later, the house painter arrives and Sassou, returning back from work some hour later, is eager to discover how the work is progressing. But once she is home, she can't believe her eyes 2 see the house painter lying on her couch, using her phone joyfully, ing the beers and eating the food she had in her fridge. Even worse, she notices that the work is very badly done, with his fingerprints on the wall and spots of paint all over the floor. Sassou wants an explanation 4 this disaster, but the man answers that for the pitiful wage he receives 4 this job, she can't expect a better result than that. Sassou is furious and she decides to call the owner of the specialized company 2 complain. One hour later, arriving to the apartment, Riama, the female owner of the company, realizes the extent of the damage and she apologizes with her customer, 4 the unforgivable behaviour of the man. She promises her that her employee will be fired and that he'll receive an exemplary punishment, in front of her. Surprisingly, Sassou doesn't want only to look at his punishment, but she wants to join the owner to ize the man. Now, if u`re faint of heart, don't look at the pictures below ... Keywords: Femdom, Crushing, Trampling, ,

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