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The Guardian

The Guardian
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While the alarm of the warehouse rings out, the guardian arrives with his car, catching two women running off with load of bags. Gun in hand, he stops them, but only a second of hesitation is fatal, as the two girls disarm and subdue the man. Under the threat of his own gun, the guardian gets kidnapped and by now, the two women will beat, humiliate, abuse and torture him. Their first target is his car, as they stomp and dent the hood and roof under their spiky heels. Then, they order him to lick the dirty soles of their boots, they crush his head under those boots, they order him to get inside his car where they trample him and they try to choke him by sitting full weight on his face... The mysterious and sublime Domme Anne so much appreciated in the movie "The Riders" and the gorgeous Adeline, dominate, torture and humiliate without any mercy. Shot in a warehouse and with a freezing temperature, this film has all the ingredients to be an unique, extremely real and outrageous FEMDOM video!

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