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The Gamblers

The Gamblers
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Dommes Margo and Goddess Rosie are two compulsive gamblers living together with their personal slave. Today, as usual they play cards, but decide that instead of betting money they'll bet their slave. The winner will be the one who gets 2 torture him. While they are playing he is waiting 4 his sentence under the table at their feet. Margo is the 1st winner so after taking him 2 another room she decides 1st 2 get some pleasure by him n him 2 lick the soles n heels of her boots. Next she decides 2 trample him ly under her sharp high heeled boots abusing his nipples with her pointy heels n squashing his face like a cigarette under her soles. But 2 inflict more pain 2 the slave she even accepts sharing this great moment of pleasure with Rosie as they then trample him together. The two seriously hurt him with their four deadly heels, puncturing n cutting his flesh deeper & deeper especially on his stomach. They stand FULL WEIGHT several times on his face too n scratch his chest n back badly with their stilettos. Then Margo decides 2 invite Rosie 2 join her in getting their boots worshipped by the slave. The two order him 2 suck their heels at the same time pushing them deeper n deeper inside his mouth as if they want 2 make him eat them. They then both trample him at the same time again, harder n harder causing horrific pain. Keywords: Femdom, Mistress, Cucci, , Boots, , High Heels, Facestanding, Foot Worship, Rosie, Margo

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