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The Fakir

The Fakir
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The Fakir n his two gorgeous assistants are arranging the last details of the big show for tomorrow so are going through their act. "Ladies n Gentlemen we have pride and pleasure in presenting the unique, the greatest, the one and only... Cucci The Great Fakir"! Angelique shows off the infamous bed of nails while Margo proves how authentic and sharp the nails are by dropping an apple from her hand directly on to them. The result doesn't leave any doubt: the sharp nails easily penetrate the apple which is now full of little holes. After posing whilst standing on the bed of nails over the Fakir's stomach one at a time, they both climb on at the same time n even start to both march on it at the same time! The marks the nails leave on the Fakir's body under their combined weight speak for themselves! They keep doing it by walking back and forth over it one by one n even two at a time. They kneel, and sit on the bed of nails with their FULL COMBINED WEIGHT on it. They even jump on it, and incredible but true, with the bed of nails on his private parts both stand on it! Now the typical fakirs we get used to on TV or in live shows do the classic "bed of nails" trick just for a few seconds and most of the time the girls just stand still not walking or jumping. Here the two assistants Angelique n Margo are standing, walking, stomping, jumping, sitting, and kneeling on the bed of nails in many different positions without a break. The incredible marks and holes on body prove how difficult it is doing it for a long period as the skin gets incredibly irritated n excoriated; just look at the pictures to get an idea! But Cucci, the greatest fakir with his concentration handles it without a single break, showing no emotion or weakness despite the inhuman pain! Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, Angelique, Margo, , Boots, Fetish, Facestanding, Extreme Domination

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