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The Fakir 2

The Fakir 2
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Cucci "" has his two new gorgeous assistants aka Louiza n Rosie prepare his next show. The two girls use the same small sheet of glass as before, but this time they don't place it on the side of his head but right on his face!!! Then one at a time n two at a time stand on it his face under their combined body weight, completely flattening his nose under the hard glass. Then after double throat and to help the fakir prepare his concentration, they show off the infamous bed of nails, proving how authentic n sharp they are by dropping a plum on to them. The result doesn't leave any doubt as the nails penetrate the plum leaving it full of little holes. They place the bed of nails on his stomach and 1st one at a time n then two at a time stand n march on it leaving very impressive marks on his body. They repeat the same kind of action but this time with the Fakir laying with the the bed on nails on his chest and with the two girls walking on his back. Once again the marks the nails leave on his body under their combined weight speak for themselves. At this point they even place the bed of nails right on his cock n balls & after walking on it one at a time they stand on it BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. His private parts gets literally crushed and punctured under the nails with the amazing pressure of more than 100 kilograms. That's absolutely crazy! But the craziness of the Fakir is not over yet as the two assistants place a roll of barbwire on the floor as he lays down with his back right on top of it. At this point the two assistants firstly one at a time and then both together climb onto his body n walk over it with the barbwire digging deeper n deeper into his flesh (the crazy marks on his back illustrate the kind of intense pain he has to withstand). Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, Extreme Domination, Louiza, Rosie, , Facestanding, Fetish

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