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The english way to feed(t) a pizza

The english way to feed(t) a pizza
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You know, some may eat their pizza the elegant way with fork & knife n some may just use their hands. But have you ever heard about the english way 2 feed(t) a pizza? Certainly not, right? So let us teach u some not so well known customs, ment to bring relieve in moments of total anger.And anger is an under-statement for what our devilish Kitty felt when she realized that Little Guy would not pick her up at the station as he promised. It's raining, it is cold & she had to walk all the way home ruining her new high heel shoes just to find this stupid asshole sitting at the table n eating pizza. Well u might guess that Little Guy is in for some serious punishment now but -4 sure- u don't have any idea of the humiliation waiting 4 him. Quicker than a jaguar Kitty climbs on top of the table and...yeah you are right...with both her high heeled shoes she steps directly on the pizza. See Little Guy looking in horror & disbelieve as furious Kitty stomps and crushes his tasty pizza to an Unidentified Food Object. Hear the cheese, the mushrooms, the tomatoes squish underneath those deadly heels. Would u like some of this pulp formerly known as a delicate pizza? Of course not, neither does Little Guy but as all of u know this as sexy as severe Lady does not accept a no. And it takes her just to remind Little Guy of some of his not so legal activities to convince him to better do what she wants. And all she wants is 2 shove her pizza smeared heels in his mouth, to see his eager tongue cleaning her totally filthy soles, 2 make this fucking bastard pay 4 his unreliability. She really takes her time making sure her shoes get licked spotless clean before - with an evil smile - she taps into the food mess 2 get them dirty again and again n again. What a disgusting act of humiliation and degradation. Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Food Crush, Object Crush, Food Feeding, Fetish, Cucci, , Shoe Worship, Crushing, , Degradation, Trampling, Facestanding, Foot Fetish, Footworship, Footlicking, Foot Licking, Foot Worship, Face Standing

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