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The Discovery

The Discovery
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Sandrine n Cucci are a couple who have lived together for two years now. They are in love but Sandrine is starting to feel a little bit bored by the daily routine so one day while navigating on the net discovers a different way to find pleasure with her partner. She can use her feet as an instrument of seduction n pleasure, something she had never heard of before but wants to try it. She asks her boyfriend to lay down and starts to walk all over him slowly especially on top of his pants with her high heeled boots. Cucci at the beginning seems intrigued by this new experience as Sandrine looks like she is having a good time. Soon she starts to enjoy it more n more and removes his pants puncturing his cock n balls with her heels! She is getting a sadistic pleasure now, his cock under her full body weight in every possible position. Cucci isn't enjoying it anymore but Sandrine starts to really love the feeling of power, having him under her total control and not caring how much he suffers. Cucci, who is deeply in love with her, doesn't want to disappoint her so continues with this extremely painful game as proof of his love for her. But Sandrine is pushing his limits more n more, probably going too far as she asks him to put his cock on top of a small wooden box as she stands FULL WEIGHT on it. She then stands FULL WEIGHT in her high heels on his testicles! The kind of pain is insane but for her beloved girlfriend he will do absolutely ANYTHING to please her. Sandrine is very proud of him and to thank him asks him to get on all fours like a dog as she kicks his balls and stands FULL WEIGHT on his cock with the aid of the hard floor! A great way to thank someone... Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, Free, Female Domination, Fetish, Sandrine, Cock Crushing, Trample, , Cock Trampling, Crushing, Boots, , Face Standing

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