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The Angel and the Devil

The Angel and the Devil
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Annabelle is Cucci girlfriend. She is exactly what everybody could call "the perfect good girl". She is very pretty, sweet, tender, kind, always available, always in a good mood, smiling all the time... Annabelle has all the qualities that any man would want in a girl. Unfortunately for her, all these qualities are not appreciated by her boyfriend who is more attracted by girls with strong personality n character. He loves Annabelle but he thinks she is too flat, her personality too weak, she is too kind n always says yes to everything so his relationship with her starts to become very boring... in brief he knows she loves him so much that as often happens, he has lost enthusiasm, interest n respect for her. So as usual, when Cucci comes back home after a long day at work, Annabelle greets him like a true woman in love... she stops what she is doing instantly, with a large smile on her face and is incredibly kind n nice towards her man. Cucci hates more and more this attitude... he even avoids her kiss and starts to be quite rude. We don't know how but Annabelle isn't really affected by his bad attitude but the opposite, she becomes even more drawn to him. That's why she decides to take care of him by offering him a sweet, kind massage with her feet to soothe him as she knows he likes it. Cucci isn't that happy with the idea, he has had enough of all this attention but he let her do it anyway. So she takes off her shoes n starts walking very slowly n kindly on his chest. Every single step is made with care... she is very careful not to hurt him but only to please him. She even caresses his face with her barefeet but gets bored very quickly n starts to feel sleepy. He would love something more energetic... something stronger but even if he tells it to her several times she is too afraid to hurt him and isn't really able to be harder with him. Since she realizes he's not happy she decides to be even sweeter and to take a white "hair snake" and 2 massage him kindly with it. She sits down next to him n goes on caressing his chest and face very sweetly with her feet. For Cucciolo all of this is damned boring so he ends up shouting at Annabelle to leave him alone and to stop the massage... NOW! Annabelle gets a little bit frustrated but any wish of her boyfriend is her command so she goes back to cleaning the house. Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, Free, Female Domination, Fetish, Annabelle, Edwige, , Cigarette, Trampling, Trample, Jumping, Foot Fetish, Foot Worship, Footlicking, Footworship, Foot Licking, , Boots, Kick, Bootlicking, Boot Worship, Boot Fetish, , Facesitting, Face Sitting, Facesit, Face Sit, Face Standing, , Foot Gagging

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