Elegant Femdom – efcl632 Hot Wax

Elegant Femdom - efcl632 Hot Wax

Cruel sadistic hot wax play with the gorgeous lady Jessica. The slave sits on a chair with his hands tied behind his back, completely naked. Jessica pour hot wax on him from behind while smiles n laugh at the pathetic face of the slave. Very funny as he shivers n moves from the pain. The more pain for the slave the more fun for the mistress. She pour the hot wax to his belly and penis, too.

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Three Dominas Play With Their Slave

sadistic girls

Young Dominatrix Atrax is visited by Lady Chantal and Miss Elisa in her studio. They like the slave beeing caged in the studio and begin their sadistic games. They beat him and light his hairs. Then he is bound to the block and gets the last ballbusting session of his life. He also gets some really hard whipping.

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Acceptance Test


To get into the slaves barn from Young Domme Chantal, a slave has to pass an acceptance test. The schoolgirl stands on his body with her full weight, beats his balls and scrunches his cock as an insect. He has to stand all that, because it is his only chance to get into the slaves barn. Have a look at Mistress Chantal, playing with her new slave toy!



Are We Too Hard – You Are Too Weak


Bound to the cross, at mercy, we pull the cock and balls of the slave in the testicle pillory which is equipped with thorns and spikes and turn the screws on tight! When Jordan Star and I then treat his cock and his nipples with candle wax he is already beyond his borders and wants only that it’s over! Since he has not reckoned with our extreme sadistic vein, we now concentrate on his cock and needle him without a break! A needle after another goes through his cocks skin, with every needle he gets the more he begins to sag more together! What a wimp, what a little loser!!!