Evolved Fights – Amilia Onyx vs Will Tile – Wrestling Interracial

Evolved Fights - Amilia Onyx vs Will Tile - Wrestling Interracial

Amilia Onyx is back to destroy another male. Her first match against Marcelo showed us how powerful this beautiful full figured beauty is. Today she wants to take down one of the most dominating males on our mats. Amelia called out Will Tile and she isn’t impressed with Wills muscles at all. She talks a lot of trash both online and now in person. Will Tile is tired of her flapping her gums so he is going to try to “put this woman in her place” . Will does have the advantage with power and skill but this is a sex fight and Amelia is in it to win it. She goes for the sexual points and she is able to keep her hands on Will’s dick the entire time. The winner is called and must submit to the loser. The winner gives the loser a good spanking and fucking.

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Goddess Sapphire – Bratty Step Sister – Ass Worship

Goddess Sapphire - Bratty Step Sister - Ass Worship

Are you fucking kidding me? Did I seriously just catch my own step brother staring at my ass? You are such a pervert! Take a real good look, loser, because I am soooo out of your league. Just wait until I tell my big beefy boyfriend about this. You better run and hide because he’s gonna kick your pathetic ass!

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Brat Princess 2 – Kat – Oil My Ass Then Fuck My Legs Old Simp (4K)

Brat Princess 2 - Kat - Oil My Ass Then Fuck My Legs Old Simp (4K)

Kat wants her old simp to oil her perfect young body. The simp adores her incredible ass. Its chastity starts to feel tight. Kat loves being worshipped and adored for her beauty. She humiliates the old man and reminds it that it is unloved. It exists to be used by the beautiful young girl. Kat decides that it will be funny to let her beta out of chastity. She wants to see the desperate fool try to fuck her legs. The old fool is so brainless. It humps and humps. When Kat is finished amusing herself with the fool, she locks it back up.

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The Rider

On a very cold n foggy day, while Rosie is riding her beautiful white horse, suddenly, the owner of the stable stops her to praise her horse. But the friendly conversation turns quickly into a dispute as soon as he demands insistently to mount her horse. Facing her refusal and thinking to have all the right in his stable, he attacks the girl to get her off the horse. But the gorgeous rider reacts violently by spurring her horse against him and beating him harshly with her deadly crop that goes right through his shirt and that leaves terrific marks on his skin. Petrified by the horrible pain n under the threat of her crop, he must lick every inch of her disgusting muddy boots from the tip to the spur. Then, she uses him as human step to get off her horse and she delivers a series of tremendous kicks right on his balls which cause him an agonizing pain (and we do believe him as he doesn’t wear any protection!) Next, she mounts again on her horse and she humiliates him to the extreme as she orders him to lick the muddy stirrups and even to swallow the mud from her riding boots. With his pride deadly wounded, he tries to react and to return the situation, but he gets badly slapped and the girl moves away in the saddle of her horse………..



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Shoes Humiliation Vol.3

The title says it all. In this unbelievable compilation the best scenes in which our gorgeous girls humiliate Cucciolo in any possible way with their shoes. They take their shoes off and they force him to worship, to smell, to kiss, to lick them and even to drink inside those shoes. This video is a real pearl for the shoe lovers!




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Foot Cuckholded – The Ultimate Slave’s Nightmare [Cuckold, Human Furniture, Human Ashtray]

While Sandrine and her boyfriend are flirting, caressing, cuddling and kissing each other with passion, the slave, at the feet of their bed, has to stay still on his knees. He can’t move, he can’t watch, he can’t speak, he must stay there like a dog. Thirty minutes later, a snap from Sandrine’s fingers is the signal for him to lay down on the floor on the left side of the bed as they`re going to sleep and he must to be ready to serve her when she wakes. Some hours later in the early morning, the slave is awoken rudely by Sandrine’s feet that harasses his face, he must kiss, lick, suck n swallow them with care and passion. She gets out of bed and after stretching, stands and marches on him as if he was nothing more than a useless footstool. She then orders him to get on all fours and to follow her in the kitchen and lay down under the table while she prepares breakfast for her boyfriend. While she walks back and forth preparing things she purposely crushes his hands heavily under her flip flops. She then makes a brief call to her best friend while standing full weight on his head on the hard ground. But since he dares to complain about the intense pain and disturbing her conversation she gets really angry and decides to punish him by crushing some food on the floor under her flip flops and him to eat it off her soles. Finally her boyfriend wakes up and after a passionate kiss the two sit down at the table to eat their breakfast while the slave must lay underneath kissing and licking Sandrine’s feet. The way they talk and look into each other’s eyes shows how much they love each other. And while they flirt and hug each other so tenderly and sweetly the slave under the table is totally ignored as if he doesn’t even exist. His face get constantly harassed tormented and deformed by Sandrine’s feet.



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Private Session

The webmaster of CuccioloPage delivers to the beautiful Soraya an email he has received from one of her many fans. Soraya is flattered by the extremely kind words and compliments of this fan and she enjoys also the funny picture of him on a dinghy at the pool. This man named Thommy, adores Soraya and he even asks if it’s possible to have a private session with her. Normally Soraya never accepts this kind of proposals but this time she decides to meet this person to test his passion n adoration he has for her. Few weeks later, Soraya knocks at Thommy’s flat. When she enters he can’t believe how gorgeous she is in person. Thommy looks very excited thinking he can finally realize his ultimate dream with her. So he doesn’t wait a second to tell her what he likes, what he wants from her and he even shows his personal book with some picture of his favourite action which are the soft trampling and victory poses. Soraya overwhelmed and irritated by all these requests and by his disrespectful attitude tells him loud n clear to stop asking silly things to her as She`ll decides what to do with him. She sits down on a bar stool and she orders him to show his tongue and to start licking the soles and the heels of her sexy shoes and her extremely cute feet. Thommy, that is not into this footworship thing, obeys without verve being more excited by the idea that he will be rewarded later with a sensual light trampling and with some victory poses! The total absence of enthusiasm in what he is doing, puts Soraya in a very bad mood, so she climbs on him and she pushes her foot inside his mouth deeper n deeper to order him to show some respect. Soraya now tramples him barefeet briefly to test his strength and she can’t believe how lax, flaccid and sluggish this man is so from now on SHE decides to use the hard way to make him understand what it is a private session with a girl of CuccioloPage. She puts back her extremely sharp high heeled shoes, she tramples him very hard n she stands full weight on his face. She orders him to stay there and she leaves the room.



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Human Ashtray Vol.3

An incredible compilation with the most extreme “Human Ashtray” actions. You will be impressed to see our beautiful and cruel girls blowing smoke in Cucciolo’s face, throwing ash in his hands, his hairs n inside his mouth. And worst, to turn off their cigarettes on Cucciolo’s tongue, hands, back and chest, to trash their cigarettes butts inside his mouth. Simply Femdom at its finest!





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The spanish lesson

Cucciolo is traveling to Spain tomorrow n wants to brush up on his Spanish. He manages to find a cheap tutor who lives nearby so goes to visit her for a lesson. Cucciolo is lazy and struggles with the lesson, not knowing hardly any of the answers and starts to blame his tutor. The lesson is obviously a waste of time and he decides to leave, the problem is he doesn’t intend on paying! His tutor, Rebecca doesn’t appreciate this and throws his books on the floor in anger, trampling them under her flip flops. She begins to yell at him, it seems the only way this pathetic little man will learn anything is if she uses!



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Hot And Enraged [Trampling, Face Sitting]

A man goes in a wellness massage centre which has the reputation to have beautiful and talented masseuses that are able to practise some very special n customised massage. If he has decided to go in that specific place, it is because he wrongly believes that he’ll be able to get a sexual relationship with the masseuses instead of a simple massage. In fact, from the very begin, he doesn’t stop harassing the masseuse by asking her to be more n more sensual with him, to excite him during the massage or even worst he asks her to let him touch her arse. The masseuse Elodie, that is not very used to handle this kind of pathetic and disrespectful customer, tries to calm his excitation with her personal version of the Thai massage as she walks on his body, cock and face with her shoes on. Since the customer keeps complaining and moaning, she sits full weight on his face to shut up his mouth. But even after this very hard and painful treatment, the man keeps asking her to be more sexy and hot with him. At this point, since she doesn’t know how to handle this man anymore, Elodie decides to call her colleague Sandrine to calm down this undesirable customer once and for all. Since he refuses to understand the huge difference between a serious massage centre like this 1 and an erotic massage centre the two masseuses will use the hard manners with him. They order him to lick the soles of their shoes and boots and they trample, stomp and jump on his body very hard with their spiky heels especially on his throat, face and private parts. And again, they kick him hard in the stomach and ribs, they spit on his mouth n since he wanted they arses so hard he’ll get them as they sits on his face several times and even both at the same time! They tight him up to a chair with a pair of handcuffs and they leave.



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