Cruel Girlfriend – The Party Glorybox

Cruel Girlfriend - The Party Glorybox

I can’t wait for tonight’s party! EVERYONE is coming! All my bratty girlfriends, and a whole bunch of people y`know. It’s just a shame you don’t get to see anyone! It’s not that you’re not invited – you are DEFINITELY invited! It’s just that you’re not going to be able to see anything at all once I’ve locked you into the glorybox. Tonight’s party isn’t our regular get together with our friends loser – tonight is a special humiliation party I’ve been planning for quite some time. You’re going to be dressed in your pretty maids uniform and your cute chastity device and made to kneel in the corner of the room with the gloryboxed locked on your head. Take a look loser – your head is encased inside the box and there’s just one hole. Guys can push their hard cocks through the lips of the box and into your waiting mouth – just like a real gloryhole. The glorybox gives all my guests complete anonymity – they will all know who you are of course, but you’ll have no idea who’s big cock you’ll be made to suck when it forces it’s way into your mouth. There’s nothing to stop you from hearing all my girlfriends giggling n laughing at you as you’re made to please our male guests. You will hear us cheering the guys on as they take it in turns fucking your mouth and cumming down your throat. You’ll hear us talking about you, about how much of a faggot you must be to allow yourself to be used as a party cumdump. It’ll be humiliating for you I am sure but once that box is locked onto your head there’s really not much you can do about your predicament. You will be made to suck cocks until the party is over faggot!

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Cruel Girlfriend – Suck Their Husband’s Cocks

Cruel Girlfriend - Suck Their Husband's Cocks

A few of my girlfriends are coming over tonight and I thought it would be a great opportunity for them to introduce you to their husbands. You have already met my closest girlfriends, Maisy, Mia and Becky when they came over that time and I made you show them your chastity device. Haha! They thought it was so hilarious and laughed right in your red face! They teased and humiliated you and told you their real men wouldn’t ever let a girl lock their cock’s up in such a device. I’m sure they’d have told their husbands all about it when they went home – and now you are gonna meet them all – that’s gonna be kinda humiliating for you don’t you think? Maybe it’ll be even more humiliating if we made you suck their cocks? What if, after my girlfriends arrive with their big strong Alpha husbands and you’ve fetched everyone a drink – we make you get down on your knees n suck all the other guys cocks. You’re going to be so obviously the beta amongst the group – it’s only fair that you’re the designated cocksucker. The girls will be screaming with laughter – pushing your head down on their husband’s huge cocks. I think we should even make you wear our clothes too. You can wear Maisy’s cute little dress while you suck her man’s cock, you can put on Mia’s pretty skirt and top when you suck her man’s cock and Becky will give you he sexy little outfit to wear for when you take care of her husband’s cock. You’re going to be so humiliated n covered in cum tonight – too bad for you huh faggot?

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Cruel Girlfriend – Porn Edited For Sissies

Cruel Girlfriend - Porn Edited For Sissies

Sissies are certainly not allowed to jerk off to hot girls and regular porn like real men. We all know this but despite having your inferior cocks caged away in chastity for your alpha goddesses we know that some sissies still crave the visual stimulation of beautiful girls. Sissies use the excuse that they worship the female form or that they just love the cute outfits the hot girls are wearing but this is just not acceptable. Beta wimps – ESPECIALLY sissies should never have access to the same standard of visual pleasure we want our real men to have. For this reason, we’ve developed a special clip containing edited images that limit the sissy’s viewing pleasure to a level that we feel is safe for sissies to enjoy. You don’t get to see our pretty faces, or our big tits. You don’t get to see our cute asses and certainly not our perfect little pussies. Losers who are not caged in chastity can jerk off to our filtered porn, unable to see our stunning, toned bodies in the same way as a real man can. Sissies who are properly caged in their devices will feel physically and visually frustrated by our edited images. You will be able to perfectly understand just how beautiful the girls are and just how amazing the images would be to a real man but na-ah loser – you don’t get to see the best! We save the best for a Alpha men. The good news is that there are some images we have chosen just for you that have no editing at all – and you can jerk off and enjoy them the way they were always intended. Beta’s get cock shots – unedited, unfiltered cocks for you to drool over – or out of focus blurred babes!

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Cruel Girlfriend – Your Turn On The Mattress

Cruel Girlfriend - Your Turn On The Mattress

We`ve a special place at the CruelGirlfriend Dreamhouse just for newly acquired sissies that are struggling to accept their new position in life. We just refer to it as ‘The Mattress’ but it strikes fear into all our sissies hearts. The Mattress is a filthy, cum-stained, ruined mattress – thrown on the floor of our storage room. It has restraints at each corner which we use to secure our sissies before they`re left there for the duration of their punishment. Punishments can be anything from a day up to a whole week – it depends on how cruel we’re feeling n whether or not another sissy deserves the mattress even more. It doesn’t matter how good a sissy you think you`re – it’s inevitable you will end up on ‘The Mattress’ sooner or later so when that time comes – you did better be prepared! Sissies are brought to the mattress fully clothed in their uniforms. Usually a flimsy, satin French maid’s dress but sometimes a schoolgirl or a whore. You`ll be ‘O’ gagged and sometimes blindfolded and then tightly secured with the restraints – pulling you helplessly into a spread-eagle position. This is how you`ll be left until your 1st client arrives – the first of many. You’ll be fucked on the mattress until your client cums – he’ll throw his used condom on the floor, wipe his cock in your dress and leave some money in the jar. Then you’ll wait for the next client to arrive to do something even more degrading to you. Your helpless, cum-soaked body will stay chained to the mattress until we decide u have learned your lesson – or the jar is full – whichever takes the longest.

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Hungry to eat cum for the very first time

Mistress Ezada Sinn - Hungry to eat cum for the very first time

I think Mistress Kennya’s sissy in training is really ready to suck a real cock right now! However, the only spare male penis around is my straight cameraman’s, who might be not too exited to have a man so close to his genitals, but he’s a male and I will use him as I choose. With proper direction, Our sissy slut starts to show his true gay colors as he begs for permission to wrap his lips around the erect shaft. With Mistress Kennya’s hand pushing the back of his head, We`re amazed at how deeply he swallows the entire dick. Our sissy is proving to be quite the slut. It’s time for him to savor his very 1st taste of sperm, every drop of it. Our slave does not disappoint Us.

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TheEnglishMansion – Miss Vivienne lAmour – Bimbo Sluts First Day Pt2 – Part 3

TheEnglishMansion - Miss Vivienne lAmour - Bimbo Sluts First Day Pt2 - Part 3

Part 1

Part 2


Bimbo Sluts First Day Pt1 – Complete

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TheEnglishMansion – Miss Vivienne lAmour – Bimbo Sluts First Day Pt1 – Complete

TheEnglishMansion - Miss Vivienne lAmour - Bimbo Sluts First Day Pt1 - Complete

Vivienne has a new girl, Sammie, vying to enter the Mansion’s special girl training academy. To help with the induction, she enlists Tiffany Doll to assist n supervise. They inspect her dress sense, she is definably in the “bimbo slut” class of girl, checking out her big tits n locked away cock. They test her eagerness to please, allowing her to worship the ladies beautiful nylons n testing the bimbo’s multitasking skills, licking Vivienne’s cunt and stroking Tiffany’s cock at the same time.

Bimbo Sluts First Day Pt2 – Part 1

Bimbo Sluts First Day Pt2 – Part 2

Bimbo Sluts First Day Pt2 – Part 3

Bimbo Sluts First Day Pt2 – Complete

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