Young Dommes Meet

Young Dommes

The another femdom meet attracts 2 new girls to the cause. Lifestyle Domme Olivia and all new to female supremacy Miss Bex. The ladies relax into the usual amusement of a gathering and with new livestock in service to (One of which belongs to Young Domme Olivia) good fun was had by all. Princes Toni was of course there to make sure everything goes as it should.

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Chained Balls

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Chained Balls are Fun Balls, Well they are for us superiors who like nothing more than to see the look of fear on a minions face as it knows u have its testicles on a chain. A bad slave knows when in this position it is obey any order given or risk having them ripped off. This is one of the things the ladies love to tell friends outside the femdom lifestyle later in the pub and every lady without fails giggles and wants a go.

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Miss Nicola Now Owns Your Penis

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These pictures were taken after this slaves Penis is locked in a cb3000 and the key handed over to Miss Nicola and her sister. We intend to revisit the both Young Domme Nicola and this piglet in a month time to see how it has gone. How Nicola feels knowing she owns a slaves penis and how the slave has managed with its cock locked away. If this is successful we will make this a regular game.

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Day In The Dungeon

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We have recieved lots of requests for our ladies to use more traditional bdsm furniture so we took Miss Hannah. Young Domme Anna and Goddess Ashley to a friends dungeon and let them do what they like!!
9-parts video set.

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45 min

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