TheEnglishMansion – Miss Eve Harper and Miss Jade Jones – Skool Sanctions Pt2 – Part 1

TheEnglishMansion - Miss Eve Harper and Miss Jade Jones - Skool Sanctions Pt2 - Part 1

Miss Eve Harper is dealing with errant special girl Jade, she has not been happy with her submissions n obedience, so has no option but to use the cane to reinforce her will, the strokes making a firm statement on her sore bum. Jade is then made to sit on a big dildo, her chastity exposed n teased with a vibrator as she is expertly tied in rope bondage. Miss Harper then puts her worn panties in Jade’s mouth, gagging her and completing a beautiful bondage position, as she is left to suffer n contemplate her future behavior.

Part 2

Part 3


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Mistress Fanny: Cock Mangler!

Mistress Fanny: Cock Mangler!

Slave Cucci is sleeping in his dog basket when he is awoken by the tapping sound of stiletto heels as they enter his flat. It is his gorgeous Mistress Fanny who is immediately pissed off when she sees some shit on the floor. In an absolute fury she grabs Cucci by the hair and drags his face near it, as punishment! She want to humiliate him by making him eat it, but he manages 2 break free n retreats to his dog basket to sulk. He knows how she can be and fears this could be one of the days when she seriously injures him. Well he’s really pissed her off now as she follows him with a sadistic look in her eyes, not eating shit is one thing but daring to disobey her orders is just suicide!

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Trial At The Pond

Trial At The Pond

A poor young girl is forced 2 endure a really Extreme horse dressage by two cruel horsewomen. Double pony play even inside a stream, shoulders riding, double trampling, face standing, face sitting, grass, soil n hay eating, hard kicking, whipping, double face spitting, dirty riding boots licking. And more, she is forced to crawl in the dirt, 2 lick their spits from their boots and to swallow the hay the spat on, she is pushed in the frozen stream. Another REALLY INSANE Female/Female Equestrian Femdom video. U’ll feel compassion 4 her…

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Public Execution

Public Execution

This evening Anne goes out to a disco, with her slave on a leash.
During the whole night, this gorgeous and merciless lady, will dominate, humiliate, torture and trample the man publicly, even involving a few gorgeous unaware women…

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Mistress Scarlet – 2


In this Amazing sequel of Mistress Scarlet Vol. 1, the One and Only gorgeous, classy and cruel Mistress Scarlet, dominates, humiliates and punishes Cucci outside in the freezing cold. Pedal pumping, Facesitting, Muddy Shoe Worship, Spitting, Face Slapping, Caning, Pony Boy, Ballbusting, Trampling and much more. A really great Femdom video with a Real Italian Domme we highly recommend!

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38 min