Sexual Harassment

Angela is a company boss and is working hard on a project with the help of one of her employees, Cucciolo. While talking on the phone suddenly she drops some papers on the floor so Cucciolo gets on his knees to pick them up for her. While he is on the floor he notices her very sexy high heeled shoes and since she is very busy concentrating on her conversation on the phone while walking back and forth, he can’t resist the temptation to put his hands right under those beautiful shoes to get them crushed by his gorgeous boss. Without even noticing him she steps directly on his hands a few times but Cucciolo likes it so much he stays on the floor too long and she notices what he’s up to! With a firm voice she asks him for a full explanation. Cucciolo cracks up and confesses he has always dreamed of being submissive to her. Angela is pissed off but surprisingly not for what he did but because he has hidden his submissive side from her! At this point she gives him one chance to avoid getting fired and her telling everybody his secret. He must accept his most precious of things being dominated, degraded and tortured by her: his cock! Cucciolo could never have expected such a crazy and inhuman request but to save his job and reputation he doesn’t have any other choice. Angela closes the office and changes into a very domineering and sexy outfit with intimidating thigh length boots. She walks in circle around him then suddenly launches a barrage of brutal kicks right on his cock. Cucciolo is hurt badly and is in a real panic but the nightmare has just started. She starts to stomp and trample him very hard including his nipples which she tries to perforate with her sharp heels.



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70 min

The Rider

On a very cold n foggy day, while Rosie is riding her beautiful white horse, suddenly, the owner of the stable stops her to praise her horse. But the friendly conversation turns quickly into a dispute as soon as he demands insistently to mount her horse. Facing her refusal and thinking to have all the right in his stable, he attacks the girl to get her off the horse. But the gorgeous rider reacts violently by spurring her horse against him and beating him harshly with her deadly crop that goes right through his shirt and that leaves terrific marks on his skin. Petrified by the horrible pain n under the threat of her crop, he must lick every inch of her disgusting muddy boots from the tip to the spur. Then, she uses him as human step to get off her horse and she delivers a series of tremendous kicks right on his balls which cause him an agonizing pain (and we do believe him as he doesn’t wear any protection!) Next, she mounts again on her horse and she humiliates him to the extreme as she orders him to lick the muddy stirrups and even to swallow the mud from her riding boots. With his pride deadly wounded, he tries to react and to return the situation, but he gets badly slapped and the girl moves away in the saddle of her horse………..



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Boots torture babes 2

Four beautiful girls are taking a rest on the bed when Rasta arrives and immediately catches sight of their sexy boots. He is unable to resist taking them off to smell the beautiful aroma. He does it really carefully so as not to wake them up but unfortunately he makes too much noise and they do. They are immediately angry with him, ” you will see what we do with perverts like you” . The punishment is about to begin!!!!!



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TheEnglishMansion – Lydia Supremacy – Torment and Pleasure Boots – Complete

TheEnglishMansion - Lydia Supremacy - Torment and Pleasure Boots - Complete

Lydia Supremacy is wearing beautiful high heeled thigh length leather boots and is giving her slave a chance to worship them. She uses his tongue and then pushes the sharp stilettos deep into his nipples, making his cock hard, she soon crushes it under her foot to keep him under control. She continues this torment/pleasure cycle until she is satisfied n allows him to cum over the boots n lick up the resultant mess.

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Beautiful Girls – Bertie is only 20 years old. Trampling Boot Domination

Beautiful Girls - Bertie is only 20 years old. Trampling Boot Domination

My boots are full of filth n awaiting your mouth to clean them.

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Beautiful Girls – Young and cruel girl Bertie forces slave to clean her riding boots

Beautiful Girls - Young and cruel girl Bertie forces slave to clean her riding boots

My boots are full of filth and awaiting your mouth to clean them Lady Bertie. takes the slave’s hair, spits on her boots n wipes it with his face, so her boots are clean. The slave’s face is created for this purpose. In reward 4 this she spits on her boots and the slave eagerly licks the nectar of his Mistress Bertie.

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Underwater Vol.1

Underwater Vol.1

A phenomenal compilation with the very best & various underwater actions taken from our videos in a swimming pool, a bath tube and even a bathroom sink. Amazing sub aquatic camera angles of smothering, face sitting, trampling, face standing, throat standing, cock crushing, body serfing, pony play, scissoring, shoulders riding, foot worship, foot gagging shoe worship, boot worship, breath play and much more. All actions RIGOROUSLY UNDERWATER. You will love it!

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Submissive dicks

Submissive dicks

For all fanatics of cock n balls crushing this video will be a must. Cock n balls completly crushed under high heels, shoes, stockings, socks n barefeet. For all our trampling n footworship fans a great video too with the usual extreme action.

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92 mb
599 min