BallbustingWorld – Busted in the Garden – Aveena

BallbustingWorld - Busted in the Garden - Aveena

Aveena catches an unwanted intruder hiding behind her tree and decides that the best way to punish him is to kick him in the nuts! The only problem is: the more she hurts his balls, the harder his dick gets!

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Sexual Harassment

Angela is a company boss and is working hard on a project with the help of one of her employees, Cucciolo. While talking on the phone suddenly she drops some papers on the floor so Cucciolo gets on his knees to pick them up for her. While he is on the floor he notices her very sexy high heeled shoes and since she is very busy concentrating on her conversation on the phone while walking back and forth, he can’t resist the temptation to put his hands right under those beautiful shoes to get them crushed by his gorgeous boss. Without even noticing him she steps directly on his hands a few times but Cucciolo likes it so much he stays on the floor too long and she notices what he’s up to! With a firm voice she asks him for a full explanation. Cucciolo cracks up and confesses he has always dreamed of being submissive to her. Angela is pissed off but surprisingly not for what he did but because he has hidden his submissive side from her! At this point she gives him one chance to avoid getting fired and her telling everybody his secret. He must accept his most precious of things being dominated, degraded and tortured by her: his cock! Cucciolo could never have expected such a crazy and inhuman request but to save his job and reputation he doesn’t have any other choice. Angela closes the office and changes into a very domineering and sexy outfit with intimidating thigh length boots. She walks in circle around him then suddenly launches a barrage of brutal kicks right on his cock. Cucciolo is hurt badly and is in a real panic but the nightmare has just started. She starts to stomp and trample him very hard including his nipples which she tries to perforate with her sharp heels.



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The Rider

On a very cold n foggy day, while Rosie is riding her beautiful white horse, suddenly, the owner of the stable stops her to praise her horse. But the friendly conversation turns quickly into a dispute as soon as he demands insistently to mount her horse. Facing her refusal and thinking to have all the right in his stable, he attacks the girl to get her off the horse. But the gorgeous rider reacts violently by spurring her horse against him and beating him harshly with her deadly crop that goes right through his shirt and that leaves terrific marks on his skin. Petrified by the horrible pain n under the threat of her crop, he must lick every inch of her disgusting muddy boots from the tip to the spur. Then, she uses him as human step to get off her horse and she delivers a series of tremendous kicks right on his balls which cause him an agonizing pain (and we do believe him as he doesn’t wear any protection!) Next, she mounts again on her horse and she humiliates him to the extreme as she orders him to lick the muddy stirrups and even to swallow the mud from her riding boots. With his pride deadly wounded, he tries to react and to return the situation, but he gets badly slapped and the girl moves away in the saddle of her horse………..



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Foot Cuckholded – The Ultimate Slave’s Nightmare [Cuckold, Human Furniture, Human Ashtray]

While Sandrine and her boyfriend are flirting, caressing, cuddling and kissing each other with passion, the slave, at the feet of their bed, has to stay still on his knees. He can’t move, he can’t watch, he can’t speak, he must stay there like a dog. Thirty minutes later, a snap from Sandrine’s fingers is the signal for him to lay down on the floor on the left side of the bed as they`re going to sleep and he must to be ready to serve her when she wakes. Some hours later in the early morning, the slave is awoken rudely by Sandrine’s feet that harasses his face, he must kiss, lick, suck n swallow them with care and passion. She gets out of bed and after stretching, stands and marches on him as if he was nothing more than a useless footstool. She then orders him to get on all fours and to follow her in the kitchen and lay down under the table while she prepares breakfast for her boyfriend. While she walks back and forth preparing things she purposely crushes his hands heavily under her flip flops. She then makes a brief call to her best friend while standing full weight on his head on the hard ground. But since he dares to complain about the intense pain and disturbing her conversation she gets really angry and decides to punish him by crushing some food on the floor under her flip flops and him to eat it off her soles. Finally her boyfriend wakes up and after a passionate kiss the two sit down at the table to eat their breakfast while the slave must lay underneath kissing and licking Sandrine’s feet. The way they talk and look into each other’s eyes shows how much they love each other. And while they flirt and hug each other so tenderly and sweetly the slave under the table is totally ignored as if he doesn’t even exist. His face get constantly harassed tormented and deformed by Sandrine’s feet.



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Private Session

The webmaster of CuccioloPage delivers to the beautiful Soraya an email he has received from one of her many fans. Soraya is flattered by the extremely kind words and compliments of this fan and she enjoys also the funny picture of him on a dinghy at the pool. This man named Thommy, adores Soraya and he even asks if it’s possible to have a private session with her. Normally Soraya never accepts this kind of proposals but this time she decides to meet this person to test his passion n adoration he has for her. Few weeks later, Soraya knocks at Thommy’s flat. When she enters he can’t believe how gorgeous she is in person. Thommy looks very excited thinking he can finally realize his ultimate dream with her. So he doesn’t wait a second to tell her what he likes, what he wants from her and he even shows his personal book with some picture of his favourite action which are the soft trampling and victory poses. Soraya overwhelmed and irritated by all these requests and by his disrespectful attitude tells him loud n clear to stop asking silly things to her as She`ll decides what to do with him. She sits down on a bar stool and she orders him to show his tongue and to start licking the soles and the heels of her sexy shoes and her extremely cute feet. Thommy, that is not into this footworship thing, obeys without verve being more excited by the idea that he will be rewarded later with a sensual light trampling and with some victory poses! The total absence of enthusiasm in what he is doing, puts Soraya in a very bad mood, so she climbs on him and she pushes her foot inside his mouth deeper n deeper to order him to show some respect. Soraya now tramples him barefeet briefly to test his strength and she can’t believe how lax, flaccid and sluggish this man is so from now on SHE decides to use the hard way to make him understand what it is a private session with a girl of CuccioloPage. She puts back her extremely sharp high heeled shoes, she tramples him very hard n she stands full weight on his face. She orders him to stay there and she leaves the room.



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Unpredictable girl

Unpredictable girl

Cucci has invited his friend’s daughter to his flat to help her with some studies. He has known her since she was a child and cannot believe how much she has grown up when she arrives. She is almost a woman now, he can hardly recognise her. She enters n tells Cucci she`ll take off her shoes so not to mark the floor. Cucci offers her a cup of tea and notices how well educated she is as she doesn’t use her fingers to put a sugar cube into her tea and is outraged by the notion of having a cigarette when it is so bad for your health. She wants to thank Cucci for letting her use his flat for her studies but doesn’t know how. Well Cucci devious mind is working over time and he has an idea how she can thank him! He lies on the floor and asks her to come over and stand beside him so he can look up at her. Fanny thinks it’s a bit weird, especially when he asks her to place one of her feet on his face and chest and tease him. She really doesn’t understand why, but actually starts to enjoy it as she asks him to kiss her feet. Cucci has corrupted the innocent Fanny in such a short time!!!

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TheEnglishMansion – Lady Nina Birch, Mistress Sidonia – Fatal Femmes – Complete

TheEnglishMansion - Lady Nina Birch, Mistress Sidonia - Fatal Femmes - Complete

Mistress Sidonia brings an errant, useless slave to Lady Nina for some intense corrective training n punishment. They gang up on the flustered, confused slave, pressure testing him in various situations. After placing him in the stocks n using him as a human spittoon, he is then bent over n given a sound whipping on his arse and arsehole, helping to focus and improve his slave attitude.

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Karin von Kroft – Locked up cock

Karin von Kroft - Locked up cock

Slave’s cock & balls are locked up in the pillory. He can’t move while mistress torments his cock. She whips it and uses her spike shoes 2 poke it all over. Karin puts her foot on his cock n balls and steps on them. Finally, for her enjoyement, she milks him & keeps playing with his cock after he comes.

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Goddess Tangent World of Femdom – Destroying Pathetic Balls With Ballbusting

Goddess Tangent World of Femdom - Destroying Pathetic Balls With Ballbusting

Now That the Slaves Balls r free from chastity they are no longer protected & Goddess Tangent can do whatever she pleases with them. Goddess Tangent immediately begins kicking his balls with her stiletto boots. The slave tries 2 turn around to block the kicks but Tangent grabs his balls from behind then squeezes n slaps them. The slaves pain is unbearable but the only thing he can do is thank his Goddess & hope she goes easier on him. There is no mercy for this slave after Tangent is done slapping his balls she turns him around n gives knees him in the balls. Goddess Tangent continues her barrage of strikes to the balls only stopping to reposition her slave. Goddess Tangent lets her slave know that his balls are her property & they are hers to destroy.

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Cock And Ball Crush Vol.3

Cock And Ball Crush Vol.3

A really incredible compilation of the the very best cock n balls crushing actions taken from our videos. Many of our mythical and most beautiful girls jumping, stomping, trampling, walking, standing on Cuccio private parts barefoot and with any kind of shoes or boots. For the video collectors!




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