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Supermodel catwalk terr0r

Supermodel catwalk terr0r
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Supermodel catwalk terror

Everything is going fine until, to their horror, they notice somebody peering through a hole in the floor. What a surprise that guy is Cucci! He insists he is just checking everything is okay and doing a technical examination. Hmmmm, the girls smell a little bullshit here. They accuse him of being a pervert who's trying to look up their skirts. Soon Cucci's excuses start 2 wear thin, and he decides to admit it. Big mistake as with his face at floor level he is very vulnerable, in fact he is completely at their mercy and the girls don't take too kindly to perverts. An incredibly erotic and frightening scene follows as all 5 girls swamp his face with their sexy shoes. Cucci is unable to move, not only is he going through a claustrophobic hell, now he has the added problem of five sexy models stepping on his face! The girls are obviously excited at his predicament, they can do whatever they want to him and he's just going to have 2 take it. This is made very clear as the girl then turn around and poor Cucci ends up with ten heels digging in his face! This is a very uneasy part of the action for him, one slip or loss of balance from the girls could mean a total disaster for him. His mother's dreams of him being a model or film start one day would be shattered if he ends up with holes in his face n eyes poked out!

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