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Strangled And Choked

Strangled And Choked
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Sassou and Cucci are two friends who are preparing an exam together. While they are studying, Young Domme Sassou starts talking about a friend of his, that she met just a couple of times, but a man she falls deeply in love with. She keeps harassing Cucci with a lot of questions about this man, to know where he lives and to get his telephone number. Cucci, who doesn't know him so well, honestly answers that he has no idea where he lives, nor he has his telephone number. But Sassou, blinded by love, obsessed by this man and thinking that Cucci is lying just because he is jealous of her, becomes extremely aggressive and violent with him. Suddenly, she puts her arm behind his neck and she starts to strangle him ferociously with all her strength to him to confess. Cucci can not confess, simply because he really doesn't know where this guy lives, so Sassou unleashes her fury against him. By now on, you are going to assist to the most dangerous, terrific and insane scenes of strangling, choking, suffocation and you have ever witness in a video. The images below are not for the faint hearted and the purple face of Cucci speaks volume about the realism, intensity and ity of the action... Without any shadow of doubt, this is the most difficult, dangerous, extreme and insane custom video we have ever shot. The gorgeous Sassou has never been so mean, determined and ferocious in a video. An outrageous film, fully focused on strangling, chocking, , breath control domination and hom (hand over mouth) torture. Never as in this case, the words and REALISTIC fit perfectly to describe a video. We are pretty sure that u'll make of this video a well deserved best seller!

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