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Spoilt Chicks

Spoilt Chicks
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Ambre, Sandrine n Soraya have everything they need in their lives. They are three beautiful girls, they are young, they are smart, their parents are very rich but their main defect is that they are all very spoilt! These babes are spending their summer holidays together as usual as they are three inseparables friends that do everything together. This morning they call the hotel waiter 2 get some breakfast delivered 2 their room and it arrives a few minutes later. But as in their usual style they are not happy with the service n complain rudely. The water isn't fresh, the orange juice is too acidy, the bread is too hard. The waiter being very professional, takes note immediately of their criticisms n returns with the things they asked 4 a few instants later. But these chicks have something else in mind 4 the waiter as they ask him 4 an extra service that is not included in his job description, 2 massage their feet. Of course the waiter refuses this absurd request so they threaten they'll get him fired 4 the very bad service if he doesn't do what they ask. The poor waiter can't risk his job so has no choice but 2 accept their request. But once he has started 2 massage their feet these spoilt chicks go one step further n order him 2 lick n suck them too. Since he was so kind with them the girls ask him 2 lay down as it's their turn 2 give him a massage. The waiter can't believe his ears 2 hear this n prepares himself 4 the most sensual & erotic massage of his life by three beauties! But the massage isn't really the kind he was expecting as they climb on him n start 2 trample him harshly all at the same time under their flip flops n barefeet. His body gets completely flattened under their FULL WEIGHT with the chicks standing on his private parts n face too. But the worst is still 2 come as they now decide 2 humiliate him by him 2 eat their breakfast directly off their feet. The result is an orgy of feet & food mixed together in a real disgusting mush. He has 2 lick n eat directly from their feet loads of jam n crushed pieces of bread. Then they order him 2 wash all their feet in a small basin n once he has finished the dirty water! Finally they let him go. Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, Facestanding, , Boots, Bootlicking, Trampling, Foot Fetish, Foot Worship, , Food Crushing

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