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Slave Diary

Slave Diary
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Dominatrix Fanny is relaxing in front of the television, enjoying her favorite programmes. At 1st we don't even notice she has a man as a private footrest. As Fanny doesn't acknowledge his existence, this "thing" at her feet is quite handy 2 have around the house though. The only time she pays it any attention is when he starts screaming as she scratches his bare chest with her heels. Then she yells at him, telling him 2 "shut his fucking mouth!" Ironically the cat sits comfortably with her as she strokes n cuddles it. In this situation Cucci is the animal, she has much more respect 4 her cat! She then attacks his nipples with her heels, this time giving him good reason 2 scream. Fanny then lights a cigarette as he has 2 lick clean her shoes whilst she sticks her shoes into his face. She just smokes as if he isn't even there, her shoes getting cleaner by the second. Suddenly Cucci makes an unforgivable mistake, his hand makes contact with her foot! She yells at him n warns him not 2 touch her feet without permission ever again! Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, Mistress, Trampling, , Foot Worship, , Fetish, Kicking, Boots, Food Crushing, , Face Slapping

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