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Shoes Licker

Shoes Licker

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Lady Prinzzess and Young Dominatrix Chantal arrive at home, but by the plenty of snow outside on the streets, their Nike are wet and dirty. They walk up the stairs into the apartment without cleaning the shoes, because that is the business of their slave. Both girls sit down in the livingroom and look for a holiday flight on their Laptop. In the meantime the slave has to look for the wet slops on the floor – “Lick!” is the sound from above him. Goddess Chantal clears her throat and spits the output beside her on the floor, also this has to be cleaned up by the slave immediately. The ladies ignore the slave – he only has to crawl on the floor, lick the soles of their shoes and clean the floor. Thats the only thing, what he is good for. After extensive cleaning of all four shoes, the slave is used as ashtray and foot warmer.

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