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Shocking Stockings

Shocking Stockings
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Jennifer is relaxing on her bed reading a magazine when her boyfriend, Cucci arrives home with a present 4 her. He hides it behind his back 2 add 2 the suspense before finally revealing a bag full of different sexy stockings! Jennifer adores stockings n this unexpected surprise fills her with joy as she cannot wait 2 wear them. She tries the 1st pair, some fishnets but doesn't initially seem too happy. She puts some heels on 2 try n compliment them & steps infront of the mirror but still looks unsettled. Cucci loves them but Jennifer obviously doesn't n starts 2 complain that they are too short, showing too much of the top of her leg n they make her look fat. She even accuses Cucci of deliberately buying stockings he knows she wouldn't like, all the time only thinking of what he likes. Cucci cannot believe her reaction n insists she looks gorgeous in them but Jennifer is having none of it as she walks over 2 him on the mattress, her heels disappearing into it under her weight n stands on Cucci in her spikes! She will give him a close-up view of the stockings 2 try and get her point across! She poses giving him every angle 2 look at them as her heels penetrate his chest. Before long he is in absolute agony n full of holes (it looks like he has been shot with a pellet gun!) before Jennifer finally takes her shoes off. Her bare stocking feet will be useful 2 step on his face n shut up his continuous complaining now! Keywords: Fetish, Cucci, Femdom, Foot Fetish, Stockings, , Trampling, Foot Worship

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