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Sexy catwoman cruelty

Sexy catwoman cruelty
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Cucci receives a call from Maud. She tells him a problem has come up and unexpectedly she won't be available for today's video. Cucci of course is pissed off as the video is due to begin in a couple of hours n begins insulting her on the phone. In desperation he then tries to arrange another girl but none are available. Then the other two girls in the video, Feriel n Lola, arrive at the studio as planned but Cucci is no longer in the mood to make the movie. He shouts at them telling them that models are "all the same... unprofessional". The girls start to get angry, especially as the video in now going to be cancelled. As they argue Maud suddenly arrives and tries to explain that she is now available but Cucci is so angry he grabs her by the throat! At this point Feriel & Lola, in true catwomen style, try and help and scratch Cucci face. He is going to pay a high price for his actions. The girls looking so sexy in their outfits pin his head onto the bar with their heels, at the same time Lola begins to crush his fingers. Cucci looks so helpless at the mercy of these giant Catwomen, somehow you get the impression he's in for a hard time! The girls begin walking up n down the bar and right over his fingers in those amazing thigh boots. Their full weight repeatedly smashing them flat. Poor Cucci screams for mercy but not much chance of that. The only thing that changes is next the girls ram their heels into his mouth as they still stand on his fingers! Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Cucci, Fetish, Feriel, Lola, Maud, , Rubber, Hand Crush, Crushing, Facestanding, Face Standing, Heels Worship, , Boot Worship, Trampling, Jumping, Trample, Foot Fetish, Footlicking, , Footworship, Foot Licking

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