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Cucci is a company boss n today he wants 2 meet three of his secretaries as he's unsatisfied with their work. Two of them consider him a real slave driver who underpays them n have really had enough of him. When he arrives 2 the meeting he gets straight 2 the point, criticizing them and claiming they are just three lazy yobs who must change their attitude or find another job. While Kate accepts his criticism n Rosie doesn't say a word, the rebellious Margo answers back saying that they all work hard 4 their very low salary! Cucci doesn't show any diplomacy n says that instead of complaining she should dress better when she comes 2 work instead of looking like a bitch! Margo goes off her head after hearing these words n slaps him ly.... in fact she slaps him so fucking hard he falls 2 the floor! At this point the other two decide 2 join Margo n teach him a lesson he'll never forget. The three of them order him 2 lay down as they trample him harshly under their sharp high heels. They walk, march n stomp all over his his body, standing several times on his face too. Cucci has 2 be a real martyr as those 6 deadly heels move in sync puncturing his body. They then decide 2 humiliate him even further by him 2 lick their dirty soles n heels.

Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, Fetish, Trampling, Facestanding, Pantyhose, Shoeslicking

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    Hi, can you reupload please ?