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Sarah DiAvola – Sissy Cum Party

Sarah DiAvola – Sissy Cum Party
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We're going to a sexy party! The guest of honor is YOU, my little sissy boi. I am an ethereal vision of angel in this clip - My aura is dynamic and my garter belt is diamond. Which sends you into sub space first? My pink sticky lips shine and pout. My pretty lavender-tipped French manicure is a feminine delight. Beckoning you into something you aren't fully aware of and can't possibly control. My pink thigh-high hosiery wraps my thighs in silky goodness. The sparkling belt grips them with ribbons and holds them in place. The way I will hold you in place. My berry-pink dress wraps around my waist in a bouncy bow. I am glowing with the glory of estrogen and radiant, as the epitome of Princess. And then there's the Feel-do. The "strap on" dildo that is held on by the grip of my tight pink pussy. No straps. No belts. Just PUSSY POWER. I'm going to fuck you with it and make you suck on it, because I want you to be primed and ready for what's going to happen to you at this nasty party. You'll be stuffed, creamed, crammed, and slammed by all of my friends and filled to the brim with cum!
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