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Sadistic Girls – Multi Trampling Trauma

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6 girls and 12 feet vs. 1 slave. Lara went out and found 5 random partygirls who would like to take part at our sessions. The slave didn`t know how many girls Lara will bring to the session. When he looks at 6 girls who are waiting to trample him, he is shocked. Lara doesn`t care about his fear "I brought this girls here to have fun with them, you will be trampled today by all girls, do you understand !?" Than it begins. First all 6 girls start to walk over him, hard walking and stomping. Than they stand all together on him. 6 girls at once on one slave body. What an extreme weight. The weight of 6 girls ! They want also smother his face. Some girls are pressing her feet hard on his face, while the other girls are still trampling him. Than the girls want to drink at the bar. He has to lay down in front of the bar and all six girls stand on him with shoes and heels ! He is suffering under the shoes and heels, while the girls drink, smoke and laugh about his suffering under this extrme weigt. An unbelievable Multi Trampling Trauma.

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