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Rebelle Hart – Cum on Your Face When Alpha Cums on Mine

Rebelle Hart – Cum on Your Face When Alpha Cums on Mine
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Today is a big day for you, loser cuck. Today you are going to cum on your own fucking face. Don't worry, I will show you exactly how it is done because Alpha is going to cum on my face at the same time you cum on yours. I will teach you how to scoop the cum off your face and eat it. You are a little cum eating perv after all LOL. It is amazing what I can make you do because I'm a hot brat with braids. You will be mesmerized watching me sucking him, watching his hands grabbing my tight young body. He is an alpha, he deserves me. You are a beta bitch boy, you do not. That is why you are so obsessed with us and why you will do whatever I want. But here is the rub, you do not get to do that for free! No, no no. You have to pay me AND ALPHA for the privilege to cum on your own face like the beta cuck that you are. It is your destiny to have to pay a man who is your superior in every single way so you can come on your own fucking face. To make it even more emasculating and humiliating for you, you have to write deeply shameful tip notes to us too! I want your ego completely destroyed before you cum. It is much more fun for me that way. You will be so desperate to cum when you watch deep throat Alpha's giant hard cock. I will be gasping for air as I gag on it. He is so big he fills my entire airway until I become lightheaded. He will fuck my throat until I cannot take it anymore. When it is time for him to cum on my face you will be so mesmerized, and mind fucked that you will have no choice but to do what I demand of you. It is time to cum on your face, you pathetic gooner simp. You won't be able to help yourself. I just look so cute covered in cum.
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