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Recently, a pretty young girl called Maya moved into Cucciolo's building. Her presence brought great noise and problems in the building 2 say the least ! In fact, the young woman, fan of R'N'B and great dancer, doesn't hesitate to dance 4 hours to the sound of a very loud music. Week after week, the neighbours and more particularly Cucciolo, who has his flat right in front of her flat, can't stand this situation anymore and one morning, awaken by the noise, he decides 2 knock at her door. The young woman opens and Cucciolo explains the reason of his visit. Maya apologizes and she promises him to pay attention in the future. To make it up with him, Maya invites him 2 take a in her flat n proud of her art, she even dances 4 him showing her incredible skill and talent. Cucciolo, bored stiff, falls shamefully and deeply asleep. Maya feels hurt and humiliated by his indifference, an offense 4 her to be avenged ! To vent her frustration, she decides to wake him up the hard way, by using him as her human dance floor. She dances wildly on his body, stomping her sneakers, socks and bare feet hard on his stomach and chest, she steps several times on his face, she sits many times on his face, she kicks his balls, she orders him to lick her sneakers, socks and barefoot, she orders him 2 smell the inside of her shoes and to swallow her sweaty socks and she even spits on his face !

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