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Queen Morningstar – Aramaic Angel of SeX

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Aramaic, a language banished because of it's beauty and seduction. It is said that a woman whispering in the language was so potent, it could make a man go sexually insane. But, you're here for sexual insanity, aren't you? So, hearing my taboo whispers, allowing my Aramaic temptings to deeply seep into your core is exactly what you were searching for. To be driven sexually wild. To have a potent seductress entering inside of your mind and touching ever corner of your being as you pump your soul into the Aramaic abyss. *WARNING* Demonic language layer upon layer has been added to this clip. Whilst you may not understand the words, Aramaic is a language everyones soul recognises. The intent of these words is to enslave you sexually to me. Listen with caution and for those who do listen to my whisperings tickling through theirs minds, do so via earphones and on a full screen.

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