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Cucci is gone, long life 2 Cucci! Since in his life he wasn't 2o bad 2 be sent 2 Hell nor 2o good 2 be sent 2 Heaven, he's sent 2 Purga2ry. Here, a supreme female voice tells him that he was very nasty with women so 2 expiate his sins he'll be sent back 2 earth 2 serve them and 2 be at their mercy. Few instants later he finds himself on the floor of an unknown place where two gorgeous girls standing in front of him look in2 his eyes in a bad way. He doesn't get even the time 2 realize what is going 2 happen 2 him than the two evilish girls start 2 trample him under their shoes. From now on he'll be subjected 2 a real massacre in which he'll be trampled and stomped ly under their high heels, shoes, sneakers, socks and barefeet especially on his cock n balls. He'll be choked under their arse, strangled with their bare hands n feet, d 2 lick their sweety feet n 2 sleep at their feet, humiliated by being d 2 eat a sandwich they did crush on the floor or 2 directly from their shoes. And again he'll get one of his teeth ing due 2 hard stomps on his face, he'll get his back badly marked with their name written on it by their sharp heels n much more ! Until when he's sent back 2 the Purgatory where the same supreme female voice of the 1st time exclaims that once again he failed as he wasn't able 2 obey n 2 satisfy those two women as they deserved. So from now on he'll sent back n forth from the Purgatory 2 earth 2 serve and 2 be 2rtured by the most evilish women of the world 4 the eternity... Keywords: Femdom, , , Facestanding, Socks Fetish, Facesitting, Foot Worship

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