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Private Session
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The webmaster of CuccioloPage delivers to the beautiful Soraya an email he has received from one of her many fans. Soraya is flattered by the extremely kind words and compliments of this fan and she enjoys also the funny picture of him on a dinghy at the pool. This man named Thommy, adores Soraya and he even asks if it's possible to have a private session with her. Normally Soraya never accepts this kind of proposals but this time she decides to meet this person to test his passion n adoration he has for her. Few weeks later, Soraya knocks at Thommy's flat. When she enters he can't believe how gorgeous she is in person. Thommy looks very excited thinking he can finally realize his ultimate dream with her. So he doesn't wait a second to tell her what he likes, what he wants from her and he even shows his personal book with some picture of his favourite action which are the soft trampling and victory poses. Soraya overwhelmed and irritated by all these requests and by his disrespectful attitude tells him loud n clear to stop asking silly things to her as She`ll decides what to do with him. She sits down on a bar stool and she orders him to show his tongue and to start licking the soles and the heels of her sexy shoes and her extremely cute feet. Thommy, that is not into this footworship thing, obeys without verve being more excited by the idea that he will be rewarded later with a sensual light trampling and with some victory poses! The total absence of enthusiasm in what he is doing, puts Soraya in a very bad mood, so she climbs on him and she pushes her foot inside his mouth deeper n deeper to order him to show some respect. Soraya now tramples him barefeet briefly to test his strength and she can't believe how lax, flaccid and sluggish this man is so from now on SHE decides to use the hard way to make him understand what it is a private session with a girl of CuccioloPage. She puts back her extremely sharp high heeled shoes, she tramples him very hard n she stands full weight on his face. She orders him to stay there and she leaves the room.



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