Princess Brooke Commands U to Beg, Heel, Sniff and Cum


I want lipstick insults all over your body. I want your clothes in the dumpster. I want a gag in your mouth and a huge plug up your ass. I want my panties pulled over your nose. More than anything, I want to see how far u will L0WER yourself to get the “cum command” from me. If u try to resist the worst of what I have planned for u? If u try to hang on to even a tiny little piece of your dignity?
I won’t let u cum. But I have a feeling that after I get through teasing and training your cock tonite? U’ll be ready to be leash-walked around my sorority, yipping for my sisters, with your jerk-load smeared all over your face. Isn’t that right, Princess Brooke’s pathetic little puppy bitch?


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9 min


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