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Poker Riot

Poker Riot
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During an animated poker game and seeing he is loosing a lot of money, Cucci decides to cheat by hiding the cards inside the wristband of his shirt. From that moment, he starts to win a fortune and literally ruining his opponents. One of them, is so desperate to loose so much money that she even tries to corrupt him by playing footsie under the table posing her feet on his cock. But while Cucci tries to avoid any contact with her with the lame excuse to offer them a one of his hidden cards falls on the floor. Blanched with astonishment and rage to discover they have been cheated that way, the fury of the four girls is going to explode and to strike him. They throw him down and one by one the girls trample him ly under their sharp heels. One girl pierces his stomach and nipples with her metal stilettos, the second crushes his throat head and face under her shoes, the third stomps and jumps wildly on his chest with her stilettos and the forth marches and jumps really dangerously on his cock and balls with her extremely pointy heels......

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