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Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom
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Cucci that share his flat with two stunning roommates, one day has the bad idea 2 hide himself n 2 try 2 peer them out through a hole in the floor. From down below, he hopes 2 be able 2 get a good upskirt view of those two beauties! But his plan fails miserably as that day they both wear long trousers n even worst one of them catches him up as she steps accidentally right on his face covered by a white sheet. Now that this Peeping Tom has been discover, the serious problems start 4 him. The two girls now have two main goals: 2 massacre & 2 disfigure his face n 2 try 2 choke him. They'll step n crush his skull in any possible way by standing on it several n several times even both at the same time with his face still blocked in the hole. They'll step on his face loads n loads of times with the rough soles of their sneakers, in their socks & barefeet. More, they'll crush his face under a beach ball, they'll squash his visage under a thick glass, they'll put his head under a doormat and they'll walk on it with the bristles leaving really bad bruises on his skin. More, they'll close his face inside a bubblewrap bag and they'll march n jump on it, they'll jump on his head, they'll stand on his face with one girl on the other girl's shoulders. They'll try 2 choke him in the most cruel ways as they'll put a metal bar on his throat and they'll both step on it, they'll strangle him with a cord tied 2 his neck n their ankles. And again they'll try 2 choke him with a plastic bag, they'll strangle him with their knees, they'll stand on his throat several n several times n much more! Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, Trampling, , Foot Worship, Socks, , Fetish

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